Ray Martin AKA Neco. Music Producer – Videographer – Photographer Spent his younger years touring all over the UK and Europe. Having the pleasure of seeing and working up close and personal with Bands like Headline – The Stranglers – Bad Manners – Madness and many more. Growing up in inner city London, and coming from Jamaican parentage was exposed to music and dance from an early age. Living in a big house that had three families living in it. We were all related so got on well. There was always a party in the basement on a Friday or Saturday. We as kids would sneak down and watch the adults dancing and having fun. That’s where my love for music and dancing started. Coming up to date my musical Influences are quite varied, and listening to anything with rhythm and a strong beat. Most of the music I produce now is EDM Covering House – Pop – Dance – R&B –Hip Hop – Rap. My forthcoming album written and produced by myself is my first, and has taken 18 months to put together. There are some collaborations with other artists some you might know, with beats that will top chats, and fill dance floors the world over. It has been a pleasure working in the music industry in many different rolls over the years. Sound engineer – Road Crew – Lighting engineer – Dancer – Record Company executive. Now Producer and Artists which is where I want to be. Project Zee is the name I will Produce and record under. So look out for up dates, and much more …..